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Ruby Lightening and Transgender Pride by 1Bluefur
Ruby Lightening and Transgender Pride
Soo... I don't think I ever posted a picture of Ruby on here. Before I came out, Cheery was my main ponysona, that is to say Cheery Cake the mare. Ruby Lightening was her headstrong cousin. She's not an exact Rule 63 of Red, just like Cheery Blue isn't an exact r63 of Cheery Cake. Because of how much I've grown as a person, including coming out, these characters are much more like their own ponies than just female versions of Cheery and Red.

So when marriage equality was announced I made this little banner in celebration, because the law states any gender can now be wed. Technically her cutie mark is wrong, it's supposed to just be the lightening bolt XD. But I was lazy and did some copypasta off of Red.

So reflecting on Ruby: She's an agender pony, meaning she doesn't identify has either male or female but rather gender neutral. However she still uses female pronouns. She's a very headstrong pony, looking to constantly improve and be her best. She's a bit like Lightening Dust in personality, brash and sometimes rude, but she's not quite as egotistical. She seeks to be a leader, yes, but a team leader. She does have her moments though and has trouble backing down from a challenge.

(Note: I may change her pronouns to they/them, I gotta know her a bit better though)
Red Lightening Reference Page by 1Bluefur
Red Lightening Reference Page
His head is too big ;3;. But that's the long and short of what he looks like. He's built like a mare, which is why he can fly like he does, plus the abundance of natural magic he has :P.

But yeah, made this a bit ago but forgot to upload.
Rainbow Dash Mini Sculpt by 1Bluefur
Rainbow Dash Mini Sculpt
So this was my first ever mini pony sculpt, and I've decided with some difficulty that I'm going to sell her. Since she is a proto-type she comes relatively cheap at 5 bucks plus 3 buck shipping. There will be more minis in the future at a higher quality. If anybody is interesting in purchasing a mini feel free to message me, the base price in the future will be 8 bucks. If anything happens to the figure during productions you are guarenteed some money off :).

Edit-She has been repainted for better quality!

Buy her here:…
Red Lightening by 1Bluefur
Red Lightening
Hello yes this is my ponysona Red Lightening. Now, anybody who follows me, and is still active, and still cares may notice that this is NOT Cheery Blue. It's kind of a funny story. Cheery Blue (and his earliest incarnation, Cheery Cake) started out as somepony I created to not only stand for me but also become a way to really communicate with as a character.

When I began I didn't really know how to do that. Creating a fleshed out character can be pretty hard, it takes time, and sometimes when the seeds you plant finally begin to grow they don't turn out like you expect. Cheery started out with a Pinkie Pie personality with little depth or dimension, the then mare was nice to be around, but I didn't really connect well with her. Once I switched her gender and made her a teacher, warranting the name change of Cheery Blue, did I finally begin to connect.

But Cheery evolved to be a quiet, reserved and intelligent pony. He's not anti-social or even shy, he just tends not to say too much. He's very calm and sweet but he became a pony I couldn't really look at and call myself. That's when I focused my attention on Red, Red started out as Ruby Lightening. A character I doodled but never put up on the site. Ruby was a rough n' tumble Rainbow Dash type, but with more militarism and ambition. She was the badass cousin that Cheery loved, even if she didn't hang around much after their foalhood. I felt more connected to Ruby, but there were still barriers.

Then after I re-made Cheery I decided to remake Ruby as well. Ruby became Red, and Red did a 180 on his personality. He became a bright fun pony, a bit Pinkieish but not an imitation. He just loves making people smile. His special talent remained roughly the same, but the purpose behind it radically different. He didn't want to be a Wonderbolt because he wanted power, or to feel strong. He wants it because he knows many ponies find excitement and joy in Wonderbolt performances, as he did as a foal.

Anyways, after seeing the pony Red could be I feel like I'm much happier to call him my ponysona rather than Cheery. I still like Cheery of course, if my artwork picks up he'll be around. But Red is my main colt now.
Yep, I'm back! I've purged my watch list, I've sorted my gallery, and I'm all geared up for this summer! College has been fantastic but I can't help but feel that me being out of touch with the art community has in turn, caused my art to suffer.

Don't get me wrong, Hampshire College is full of wonderful artistic people, but there's something about the community of DeviantArt that is well suited for a person like me.

So expect a slew of updates and some (hopefully) happy hellos and reunions!

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Alex (Leo)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Well, I do art on and off, I tend to draw animals rather than humans, and I do more fanart than original.

That's all for now.

Current Residence: State of anxiety
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Favourite cartoon character: Rainbow Dash
Personal Quote: "Helloooo"

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GJ301 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Filmographer
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